Tatsuya Nakatani

Tatsuya nakatani is the bomb.

Imagine building a sonic wall of sound based out of very tiny sounds. Starting from excruciating silence and building up tension with subtle sounds ranging from mouthpiece-less trumpet air rushes and gurgling noises to drones from bowing a giant gong, blowing, scratching snare drums and cymbals, bowls wobbling and tibetan bowl chimes, a woman making howling and gutteral vocal sounds as if she is losing oxygen, electronic warbles eminating in the background, an amplifier faced up with a sympathetic snare drum amplifying incredibly tiny brush noises on the snare drum, a bass clarinet blowing and making inharmonic noises, feedback drones, metal on metal cymbal scrapes circling and resonating against drum heads...

There were periods where the sounds were so harsh and delibrately slow your hairs stand on end and you wince from pain; other moments where the music is trancelike and peaceful and all thoughts clear from your head, and other moments where the sound of silence was so deafening and the anticipation of the whispery scratch noises from fingernails on a drumhead caused you to lean forward in your seat. Inorganic, industrial-like noises juxtaposed in the same breath as organic and lush nature-like sounds. Wicked stuff.

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xasifx (not verified) says:

you should check out Ali Morimoto. He does some interesting things with a vacuum cleaner hose and deflating balloons (though, not at the same time)...As usual with stuff like this, the live experience doesn't translate well to video...for example, he spent about 8 or 9 minutes building a song, note by note, on four game boys hooked up to each other. pretty neat.