Giant Steps

Jaska sent me this link analyzing Coltrane's Giant Steps...pretty interesting stuff.

Jaska tutors yet another statue.

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lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

captive audience

b (not verified) says:

animation + music theory = fantastic idea!

in classical-speak, coltrane's trick might be called a 'modulation to the mediant' but on acid. or i guess opium.
beethoven was the trendsetter, in his piano sonatas. brahms and schubert bit that ish hard.

there's a certain pi(the movie)-esque symmetrical grace to coltrane's version tho that maybe, at that time, only someone like bach could have really appreciated.

mikelove1 (not verified) says:

here is a pretty giant steps animation (that doesn't inform that much as far as i can tell)