making comments into posts

It's great when you guys post stuff as comments that I can just turn into a new post :)

Check out this page with a list of some songs (you can download) that have been sampled by various house/hiphop tracks.

OH! and if you didn't KNOW...........yo ass betta call somebody!! (about the following link) (crucial sample database)

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spinnay (not verified) says:


the Harder Better Faster Stronger sample was a crazy jack move, i didn't realize that until this moment.

zirafa says:

i can't believe how many of these are straight jacks. like all the portishead jenk.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

i feel like there was still a lot of awesome production and songwriting that went into a lot of these songs, even the ones that are just jacks. and then some of it's just wild, like the beck sample that appears for just a tiny bit of high 5. -kvee

zirafa says:

oh definitely. actually some of the songs that sample these artists (that have been jacked so to speak) are my favorites. Even the slim shady sample, really fun song...I always wondered if Dr. Dre had produced that or if it was a sample.

spine argh tea (not verified) says:

daft punk (and several other artists on that page) i hold in very high regard as brilliant producers. so when i'm listening to their stuff, i always imagine that they are putting the extreme freak treatment on some otherwise boring sample. it is just a bit of a reality check to see that a lot of the dopeness is in the digging rather than the freaking.