Moose Mix

Spinnerty posted this mix by his friend Moose. Some pretty sick stuff. I think this mix would fall under the category of "broken beat" but that's something Spindiddly would be able to answer better than I could.

Moose - Release and Flexx mix
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spinzola (not verified) says:


xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

hey Spinoza (crucial philosopher and DJ),
what's broken beat?

spinfucius (not verified) says:

welllll. this mix has a few broken beat songs on it. i usually think of it as house tempo but with more interesting drum patterns. there is usually a snycopated snare drum pattern that keeps it sounding funky. another aspect i really enjoy is the inclusion of fuzzy/glitchy bass lines and jazzy sythhs (although there aren't too many of these on this mix)

a good place to start in this genre is with the group Bugz In The Attic. look for their original material (they just dropped an album a few months ago called Back In The Doghouse) as well as there extensive remix catalogue. they have a very funky sound

if you are more of the jazz persausion, i'd recommend starting with Mark deClive Lowe. his album Tide's Arising is crucial. along these same lines Kaidi Tatham's album Feed The Cat is dope. or Silhouette Brown's self titled album.