In the redwoods

Thought I'd drop a line while I'm up here in northern california. We are supposedly in the land of the redwoods but I haven't seen one yet in person...hope to see one tomorrow. On the way up here we had a little fender bender with the rental car (no one was hurt). We really weren't going very fast (zack's laptop even stayed on his lap) but check out the damage caused to the brand new chrysler 300 series below. The other car was barely dented. We had to pay for a $200 taxi cab drive back to oakland where we promptly picked up a new rental car and drove 6 hours north back into the cold, dark, stormy mountains...that was not a fun drive.

It pays to get full insurance with zero deductible!

Despite how it looks, the air bags did not deploy which is lucky.

The car still ran except that it lost power steering and something (or multiple things) smelled like it was leaking.

HS (not verified) says:

what adventures! the first picture is great: "GRRRARRAWARRAR RAA." good thing you guys went w/the insurance option...

spizzle (not verified) says:

snap, glad to hear that nobody got hurt.

hit me up when you get to SF and we'll do the party party dance