Welcome to the '07

Happy new year! '07 will be a good one I can feel it. The number is divisible by three as Doruk has pointed out. I'm here in NYC with Doruk, Aaron, Asif, Dave, Ben, Maya, Marjorie, and friends. We had a fun time celebrating new years although a few of us snoozed before the new year struck. So far since I've been here I've gotten lost in the lower east side, eaten amazing pizza, and had some vicious Wii and Blokus battles. It's really nice to see everyone and it's also really nice to take a break from the 24/7 eyestrain that a computer job gives you. Today aaron made his cheez-it chicken and dave, maya, and i saw Pan's Labrynth, which is one of the freakiest and darkest fairy tale movies you'll ever see. The sound in the movie was amazing though!! Who knew squeaky leather and squeaky boots could sound so good? I mean it's the type of thing where the slightest brush of hair sounds like it's being amplified 1000x times. Hyper-real, or some other such nonsensical word.

Anyhow, I have some audio/music things that people have sent my way that you might like:
New York Times article about your brain on music

Make music from noise...(but is it good?)

Lasse Gjertsen: Stop Motion Piano and Drums

HS (not verified) says:

hey, happy new year! great nyt article. contra dr. levitin, my guess is that the cerebellum responds to music because bodily movement (dance!)is an integral part of the process of analyzing music; hence the strained mental sensation when you try not to tap your foot, bob your head, wiggle your butt, etc when hearing a good jam.