Blindsided and RollerSkated

At approximately 1:31 AM on Saturday, January 13, 2007 I was driving northbound on Austin Avenue. Halfway through the intersection I was blindsided by a car that ran the red light. He was going eastbound on Grand Avenue. All I saw out of my left side was a glimpse of a white car before it rammed into the backside of my car and caused me to spin out. I immediately slammed on the brakes and was able to regain control and come to a stop just north of the intersection.

I got out of my car and glanced at the back of my car, and it looked like my car had gotten into a bad bar fight. Its eyeball lights were all popped out of its eyesockets and its smile was slanted, with half of the bumper dragging on the ground. You could see the chassis of the car from the back, the bumper and backside were completely gone.

I go to look for the guy and there is NOBODY at the intersection. The mysterious white car ran off, leaving just a trail of debris in the intersection. That pissed me off. The two cars behind me that witnessed the whole thing didn't stop at all, not even to see if I was alright. They just drove by me. That really pissed me off, especially since it was a hit and run and they could have possibly identified the car.

I called the cops to report a hit and run at approximately 1:33 AM. I saw two cops drive by me afterwards but waited until about 2:00 AM. I called the police and they said that someone was coming. I saw another cop drive by but they didn't stop. A man across the street came over to ask what happened and asked if I had a cigarette. I was about to call again around 2:30 but finally some cops showed up. They were some rookie cops I think, about my age. Of course they didn't get out of their nice toasty car but had me come over to their window so I could hand them my info to fill out the paperwork while standing in the cold sleet/rain.

I think it's kind of messed up that

1) the guy who hit me ran off.
2) the two cars behind me didn't stop to see if I was alright or to say if they could provide any information about the car.
3) it took an hour for the police to come.

I went back into the intersection to see the wreckage and parts of my car were everywhere. I noted that part of my bumper was about 30-35 paces away. Estimating one pace is about two feet, that would mean my bumper flew 70 feet after getting hit. Assuming my bumper is about a 1.5 feet of the ground and that gravity is 32 ft/s^2 then it took about .306 seconds to fly 70 feet, although it probably landed first and then rolled.

In the end I'm glad nobody got hurt and that the accident wasn't too bad. I mainly feel bad for my car since he just got crossed the 200,000 mile mark last week. It's been a rough year for him, poor guy. Dave and Lisa's adventure (The Shenegals go to Shaumburg) also involved some major car problems (like the brakes not working while driving on the highway!)...bleh. Maybe it's a sign that we should have all realized long ago that rollerskating is the future of human transportation and start learning now before the oil shortage forces us all to roller derby our way around town.

spinnertyyy (not verified) says:

wow, that sucks. a lot. i'm glad your ok buddy

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

Sorry about your car and the cruddy hit-and-run (really disappointing!) at least he hit your bumper and not your door *awkward smile*

ml (not verified) says:

sorry about the accident! glad you are ok. last year this guy hit me coming at me on a divided road. he got out of his car still talking on his cell, saying "hold on i just hit somebody." i contemplated life and death for about a month then forgot about it.

the thing about rollerskating is you really only need one skate to have fun.

3_leet (not verified) says:

Can you post pictures and perhaps a drawing of your car's path after impact. I think insurance should cover it even if you don't have full coverage since it was a hit and run, but be careful, they may want to total it.

HS (not verified) says:

can't believe those 2 other cars didn't stop...that's kinda sick. but i'm thankful you are in one piece.

time to rock the public transit.

no fun sally (not verified) says:

were you listening to music when it happened? do you remember what it was?

zirafa says:

yea i was listening to some nirvana song (on a plain?) cause i had just recently watched an old nirvana documentary.

the path after i crashed was that my back end spun me a bit and as i regained control i ended up half way in the opposing lane. I think if I had been going faster it would have been harder for me to stop. I think the other guy kept going straight but I have no idea what happened after the impact.