Bands I've been in

Here is a semi-comprehensive list of every band I've been in, even if they only existed for a day. If you think I've forgotten any let me know. I have a pretty bad memory about these sorts of things.

aaron and farsheed
automatik (w/drew)
euphio/boomi (w/kaveh)
redbus (w/ drew, kaveh, aaron)
banana jazz projects (w/ dave)
dr. bootybot (w/ dave, asif, doruk, kaveh, drew, allen, amir, aaron,
ganesh girls, and more)
mr. candycanes (w/ dave)
operation destroy urbana champaign (w/ spinnerty, brendan, justin, paxton)
stone forest ensemble (w/ jie, brendan, spinnerty)
fortnight trio ( w/ blair, popcorn popperson)
quince (w/ my sisters)
taciturns (w/ mike, onur, brendan)

Chuck Knaublauch's Inspiration (for bunting the third pitch in the
fourth inning in the 1987 World Series against the New Jersey
Rhapsodies...He was thrown out.)(zacker, dan droller, nacera)

the shenegals (w/ dave stecher, zack)
midnight drink (w/ drew)
animate objects (w/ prashant, steve, antar, art, spinnerty)
black tie elephant 1.0 (w/ brendan, colin)
black tie elephant 2.0 (w/ brendan, raul)
farsheed (makeshift drifters)
spinnerty & zirafa (Spinnerty Over DJ Zirafa's Hypnotic Grooves)
zirafa (turnstyles, hipshooter)
orange drink (w/ drew)
wake up kings (w/ Dave S.)
Swoon Method (w. Keith, Drew, Gus)
produced for agent mos, czar absolute, melodic scribes, uc hiphop compilation cd 1

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xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

I thought it was called Midnight Blue?
Were you ever in any other wacko NA bands with Mac Attack or Kramer Lamer?

farsheed's in the parking lot (not verified) says:

I was in a christian band with jonathan and dave (their last names escape me) for like 2 gigs. It was weird.

spin or tea (not verified) says:

uncle spinsville gets no respect....i was in 2 more of those bands with ya... and you forgot to mention Spinnerty Over DJ Zirafa's Hypnotic Grooves, which was what some article called us after the first GSR track

zirafa says:

ah i forgot animate objects. what other one did i forget?

spizzle (not verified) says:

i performed with Stone Forest a few tymessss

jjj jjj Jie-unit!

bk (not verified) says:

i feel like you must have played with us at SOME point... can't think of when, but it feels wrong to think you didn't. perhaps in one of the variants?

Queen Pretty (not verified) says:

I just stumbled upon your webby site. You played as a part of the Nathan Cotter Impromptu Experience at Uncle Huby's. You are an aural force.

aaron (not verified) says:

kaveh, me, and you, claire's art show.

JULIO (not verified) says: