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Genealogy of Influence allows you to visually trace the connections between the most influential writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of Western culture. You can pull up a short bio (stripped from Wikipedia) by hovering over a person's name, or click through to the full Wikipedia article. I also made a colorful hierarchical image of the same data.

mikelove1 (not verified) says:

that's true.

hey remember Bill's Flea Market, the hollowed-out FX building where you could buy off-brand detergent, posters, knives, tobacco water pipes, etc? that place was the shit.

HS (not verified) says:


zirafa says:

that place was pretty amazing. The Mission flea market on saturdays is almost as good though.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

I miss the old FX building. Hi mike!

xasifx (not verified) says:

pretty neat. pouring multiple sips upon the concrete of virginia beach blvd.