Boston Terror Suspects Nonsensical Interview

Aqua Teen Hunger Force hired these guys to essentially do an LED graffiti marketing stunt. I first heard about "LED Throwies" a few years back on the Graffiti Research Lab. Looks like the campaign worked beyond their wildest dreams...below is a series of videos, the first is a vid of them putting them up, the second is Fox News reporting the panic in the city (the police blew one up), and lastly, the nonsensical interview from yesterday. The second video is really the best. It shows the absurd level of fear and paranoia in america right now. TERROR suspects?

As my sister points out, it's sad that such a stunt which is based on graffiti tactics and culture jamming is being used (and effectively) as essentially a marketing tool for a media conglomerate (Turner Broadcasting Co). It reminds me a lot of the "corporate graffiti" tactics that companies such as microsoft, sony, and other have done in the past. Sadly they are the ones with enough money to fuel these campaigns to a level where it can gain such widespread attention and get their (albeit corporate) message out.




kvee (not verified) says:

is it really that sad that a corporation is using graffiti tactics to sell a product? i think it depends on what we're being sold and how the graffiti culture is getting co-opted. in this case, aqua teen is a show that is pretty marginal compared to a lot of other programming on tv and probably appeals to a population that overlaps with folks who are interested in culture jamming. it seems pretty appropriate to use graffiti, a medium that a sizable number of aqua teen fans probably appreciate, to market to them.

besides, it's easy to give graf artists and culture jammers too much credit. their medium is itself based on the aesthetics of corporate advertising. what's a graffiti mural but a billboard for someone who can't afford one (but has the ingenuity to create one for themselves by reclaiming someone else's property)? the common denominator with all culture jamming, graffiti, and corporate advertising: you're being sold a bill of goods.

zirafa says:

I think it's an oversimplification to say that graffiti is simply a guerrilla version of corporate advertising. What exactly are graff artists selling? Graff artists rarely profit from their work, most of the time having to remain anonymous to avoid reprimand. The reasons for doing graffiti vary - it might be for the thrill of recognition, or to spread a message, or self expression. The question is not who gets to use the medium, but in the way that it gets used and the message sent. I don't particularly agree with a public space being co-opted by people who already have well established channels of communication and really have no reason to infiltrate those spaces except to gain another few percentage points in their target market.