Let the Music be Free!

Appleā€™s Chief Calls for End to Music Copy Protection

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is like attaching a ball and chain to a CD you buy from the store. It's an invention by the RIAA and record labels to try and apply control measures to a technology that by its very nature WANTS to be copied and distributed. As the industry loosens its grip on these pointless control measures they'll realize that consumers will thank them by buying even more music.

Beyond this, labels need to think about their artists as much more than a hit factory. Selling the music was never the point, and you'd think that they'd understand that by now.

My point: digital music begs to be a freely distributed and traded entity. Applying control measures won't work. Trust your consumers and they'll reward you.

The most successful online systems will figure out the next pieces of this puzzle:
1) How to create an ad based revenue stream to allow free downloading/streaming of digital content and
2) How to sell direct to bypass so called online vendors.

Artists should take a note of this as well. If you can sell direct, in enough volume, you don't need to depend on anyone. That leveling of the playing field is what makes the internet so powerful.

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3_leet (not verified) says:

Restrictions are a pain, especially when you have 4 computers you'd like to have the song on. Oh well, does anyone even download music illegally anymore? Once I found out that I could get CD quality music from the Library, I've never looked back.