First, you've got to get mad

I haven't seen this movie but it seems interesting from this clip.

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nofunsally_ (not verified) says:

Network (1976). and yes its good.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

One of my top 50 movies. But they should have used Albert Finney. This movie was the film that the director of Magnolia showed his cast and crew before they started working.

HS (not verified) says:


xasifx (not verified) says:

Agreed all around. This has a semi-permanent spot on a short list of all time favorite American films from the 1970s. Days of Heaven and The Conversation are also on this list so check them if you haven't already.

Les Booth (not verified) says:

The impetus for CNN and the hordes that follow. The beginning of interactive TV. The first step toward the Internet. Landing zone for Citizen Journalism.

Network showed the power of media to move people to immediate action.

We are participating in this and all other communication outlets, in large part due to the holes punched through the media ceiling by Network and ensuing actions.

Shall we return to the windows ... ?