Ben Allison - Beardy - OD show

Hey all! The show was a lot of fun. Thanks especially to those that came on time, and apologies for having to wait around a long time. The last band that was supposed to play canceled and apparently didn't tell anyone...except for a myspace bulletin message that had been sent out a few hours before the show. Lame! Shout out to Justin for making the trek from Champaign and for bringing a huge entourage, much appreciated.

This was my first show playing with Orange Drink, and my first show in a long while. I think the last show I played was with Brendan in Champaign last year (which was also a duo). Jesus, that was last summer. I suppose between moving to Chicago and other life changes shows have taken a backseat but I really would like to start playing more regularly again.

I thought the show went really well, it was the first time I had a microphone next to my drums that I could speak into. WITTY BANTER! WITTY BANTER!

I think it was also the sloshiest, rockiest feeling show I've played. I found myself really digging in a lot harder into the drums and favoring more rawness over technique. Maybe 'cause I've been listening to too much Soundgarden these days? :D

On Friday Drew and I had the good fortune of catching two sets of Ben Allison at the Green Mill jazz club. Ben Allison is one of my favorite contemporary jazz composers as he's able to fuse a lot of different styles and genres in a way that is both grounded and innovative. Although he is technically gifted, I find myself listening past all of the technical details and really getting immersed in the melodic lines and introspective harmonies. In the end he just writes damn good songs, and they always feel fresh. I highly, highly recommend any Ben Allison record. It was doubly awesome to see him in the oldest jazz club still in existence.

Also, last week I was forced beyond my will to take a picture for work. I took way more photos of myself than I'd like to admit, and in the end still couldn't decide on a photo, so I decided to have some fun with it. Here was the result. Taking pictures of myself ranks up there with my least favorite things to do like getting my hair cut in a barbershop and returning things I just bought from a store.


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xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

Watch out! It's the RTR dinosaur coming to! Also: Ben Allison IS on myspace.

and yes, MAJOR shout out to Justin + Entourage (90 large). Justin rolls deep!

xasix (not verified) says:

beard = nuts

maybe we can rock next years Beard Fortnight...ive never been.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

pfff thats totally not a real beard... its like a 3/4 beard

zirafa says:

3/4 is not bad! a real beard would be kinda frightening i think.

lost in portland (not verified) says:

ben allison @ green mill? AND a beard? living the dream man...

HS (not verified) says:

i miss the green mill! was there almost exactly a year ago...

-sloshing and rocking the ec.