Happy Norooz (Aide Shoma Mobarack!)

Yesterday evening was the start of the Persian New Year, Norooz. It's basically the best holiday ever. You get to grow wheat and put out bowls of vinegar and garlic and get some goldfish and jump over fires and have a picnic. It's a celebration of life, rebirth, of spring, of things changing and becoming new again.

Here are some of the traditional things to do: http://www.norooz.ca/ncustom.html

Ye Olde Wikipedia with more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norouz

HS (not verified) says:

Norooz definitely trumps the chinese and western(?) new year in the crazyfun category with the fire jumping and bowls of vinegar!

in celebration of Norooz, we should go on a picnic!
sometime next weekend--
when i'll be in chicago!

zirafa says:

yes! sounds like fun