The spammers are getting smarter..............................

As if the robo-spammers weren't bad enough, now the spammers are trying to trick me with compliments and flattery.

Not even kidding, a spammer posted "I like Warm Cold" but their homepage was or some crap like that. It almost makes me not mind when they posted long lists of various pharmaceutical products related to male enhancement. Please, if you are a spammer, don't toy with my heart.

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kvee (not verified) says:

the next wave will be "backlash spam". in which the spammers post "I like Warm Cold" and then subsequently post 20 messages that say "Warm Cold Sux Eggs". pitchfork will be implicated.

xasifx (not verified) says:

I unknowingly dated a spambot for 6 months so I feel your pain.

actually, what scares me even more is spammers posting on spam blogs. There are serious, Terminator II style implications here...

xasifx (not verified) says:

incidentally, i also love "warm cold"