Concert crazy

I have decided to try and go see more shows in the city. I am usually pretty passive about seeing shows, I guess 'cause I'm always trying to judge whether the show would be worth the ticket price. But after missing a few crucial shows and/or being late on purchasing tickets, I'm trying to resist the impulse of factoring price of the ticket and being late on purchasing tickets. I've seen good shows and bad shows, but I don't ever regret going to see a show. Especially from a musician's perspective, there is loads to learn about how to put on a good show (and how to avoid a bad show).

One of the first concerts I ever saw was probably Aerosmith, I think with Mike's family (they had an extra ticket). Boy was that weird. My ears howled after that arena rocker. Probably one of the worst shows I've seen (and that's not just cause of the beer splashing and punching between fans). But I learned a valuable lesson: Never try to deal with the logistics of inflated props on stage. A half inflated devil float just doesn't work.

HS (not verified) says:

that's a pretty messed up picture. are those baby goiters?

i affirm this less discriminating approach to concerts. sometimes you'll catch a great show for little to nothing and then pay a load for some overblown booby. i don't mind paying for an unpredictable concert experience if the hosting venue generally puts on good people.

btw, is it true about you and baltimore?

3_leet (not verified) says:

Yeah, it's interesting to see variability between the live performances of different bands. I think the best concert experience I had was Green Day (floor tickets in a small venue), and the worst was Blink 182, (giant outdoor concert). It's interesting the dramatic difference, because the type of music was pretty similar as was the audience, but it shows that, in the case of Blink 182, no amount of pyrotechnics can cover up a genuine lack of skill.

You're moving to Baltimore?

zirafa says:

Oh yea, I much prefer smaller venues than arenas. I saw Prince in assembly hall (another weird experience) but it was more like going to a monster truck rally. Same with Metallica. I've seen some weird shows!

Yes, I'm visiting Baltimore mid-may.

lisa (not verified) says:

I realize you wrote this months ago, but I don't come here often. Anyway, as you know, I'll be attending a concert all by myself Sept. 30 at HOB. If you're serious about going to concerts, I could use some company. You can hear their whole album (and enter me in a contest) if you click on this picture or hear one song if you go to
Rolling Stone

Hanson wants to write a song just for me!