Salty sour plum drink

In Virginia there is this Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Northampton and Va Beach Blvd, called Saigon #1. At least I think that's the name and location of it - but at any rate they have this amazing salty sweet plum drink. It sounds disgusting, and it is at first, but there is something fascinating about it. The tastes come in waves and after awhile the salty taste becomes bearable and just another facet to the drink. I haven't found the drink anywhere else, but I'm always on the lookout.

Drew made a mix CD for me with this old Blonde Redhead song on it. It's got that classic-y blonde redhead sound! More Blonde! More Redhead! Good stuff.

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  1. Loved Despite of Great Faults by Blonde Redhead

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piglet filet (not verified) says:

people love the plum here too. pickled plums in particular, on rice. i can't eat them myself because they're just too salty...but the plum wine is awesome, especially mixed with some tonic or soda water.

ramn (not verified) says:

Hi! I was simply wondering if you know what kind of alcoholbase they used in the salty sour plum drink..? Have a lot of plums and little imagination..

zirafa says:

hey ramn,

the drink i am referring to wasn't an alcoholic drink. although that could be interesting...