How much did you pay for the Radiohead album? Survey Results

A website surveying how much people payed for the new Radiohead album has released their results.

Check it out at What Price Did You

Average price per download: £3.88 ($7.93)

(Average price per download, excluding discbox buyers*: £3.55 ($7.25))
28.5% of respondents said that they had decided to pay £0.00-0.01 ($0.00-0.02)
56% said that they had paid between £0.02 ($.04) and £10.00 ($20.43) for the download.
2.5% paid between £10.00 ($20.43) and £39.00 ($79.68) for the download.
13% said they had paid £40.00 ($81.72) for the download (which came free with the discbox)

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3_leet (not verified) says:

Man, I can't believe the $2 to 1 pound exchange rate. I guess if you convert to euros first it softens the blow a little.

I thought radiohead was giving away this album because they already had enough money or something like that.

Maybe all the money people paid for these songs should be donated to the woman from Duluth, MN who has to pay over $200K for the 24 songs she posted to or downloaded from Kazaa.

OlivaB. (not verified) says:

Do you think Radiohead took it personal when they saw that about 30-40% of their fans value their music at such a cheap rate? Probably not, but thanks for the post. I wondered how the radical move on Radiohead's part panned out.
San Francisco lawyer

zirafa says:

Considering that they ended up doing a full CD release of the album anyway, they probably didn't take it personally. If anything, this ended up being a) great advertising for them, b) additional revenue stream beyond straight cd sales and touring, and c) made them look like pioneers/innovators.