'MERIKA. Libarty comes in a V8 engine!

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post was the insane air traffic these days on the beach. When I had to walk down to the bus stop, I think I witnessed at least ten fighter jets scream through the air, I'm guessing headed home from an aircraft carrier on the ocean to the nearby naval base. But jesus, these damn things sound like they are tearing a hole through the sky. If you've ever been to an air show, you know what I mean - it's like taking a giant sheet of paper the size of the sky and slowly ripping it in half. If you don't cover your ears and you are within a few hundred feet, the pain is kinda excruciating and mind numbing.

That morning I had woken with this terrifying dream I was stuck in a San Francisco earthquake - only to wake up realizing the trembling I was feeling was from a giant jet returning home from Iraq. Kinda disturbing.

Today when I went on a bike ride down the beach, I couldn't help but notice something new: a fleet of military helicopters flying probably only 100 feet up in the sky. I mean, glancing up I could see the face of the pilot, it was that close. It feels kinda eerie to witness these helicopters and fighter jets flying overhead. I don't know if people around here find it comforting, but just knowing these things representing death and destruction liberty and freedom are literally looming overhead - it kinda freaks me out and makes the whole situation that much more real.

As I biked back home, it appeared that they were closing the boardwalk for the festival of lights they do every year. Basically every year, the city decorates this long stretch of beach with christmas lights in the shape of nutcrackers, drummer boys, santa, dolphins and mermaids playing catch with a beachball, and various other imagery.

Despite my love of things that go blinky in the night, a number of things weirded me out this year (and also proved how 'merikan virginia beach is):

1) Helicopters and jets were flying overhead. 'MERIKAN!

2) There was a GIANT christmas light display in the shape of an american flag with the words: GOD BLESS AMERICA underneath. DOUBLE 'MERIKAN!

3) They closed the beach sidewalk to pedestrians and bikers. CARS ONLY! In fact, several "security" types yelled at me, "EXCUSE ME YOUNG MAN, THE BOARDWALK IS CLOSED". I threw strawberry sherbert (sherbit?) in their face and continued on. I guess I wasn't creating enough pollution to have a right to be on the beach? V8 engine = 'MERIKAN!

4) The first car to cruise the boardwalk was a nice yellow Hummer. Ironic, yes, but definitely 'MERIKAN!

I think the guy yelling at me to get off the boardwalk really pissed me off though. I didn't really mind any one of those things, but the combination of all of them really added up to a fucked up picture in my head.

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