NYC happenings

Heading up to NYC this weekend for a few things:

Blip Fest (8-bit music festival)
Orange Drink show @ Pianos NYC
Harry Partch Performance (possibly)
Neapolitan style pizza (I want to learn how to make this...anybody have a 900 degree oven I could borrow? So far Coal Fire in Chicago is my favorite)

HS (not verified) says:

stop by baltimore while you're in the neighborhood!

nofunsally nofunsally (not verified) says:

Almost - 750 degrees F

Alex (not verified) says:

Hey! Are you still in New York? I think I'm going to be at Blip tomorrow.

Farsheed (not verified) says:

Hey alex. Which alex is this? hit me up on the phone if you have my #.

Farsheed (not verified) says:

Big green egg looks awesome! I guess a regular grill + pizza stone would work too.

farsheed (not verified) says:

hey HH, looking into bus routes through baltimore/d.c.
hope things are well

Alex (not verified) says:

Oof, sorry, thought it would show my email. It's Alex Rubinsteyn: cohabitant of Allen Hall, spent too much time coding and being molested by Christina...familiar? I don't have your number, but I just sent you mine through facebook.

Farsheed (not verified) says:

you are right. i was too lazy to log in to my own blog and see the email. goin to see drew's show tonight at Pianos though, should be fun.

zirafa says:

Dave S, Rogge, and I went to Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan to try out their highly rated Neapolitan pizza. It was good, but really expensive ($21 bucks for 12" pizza). I think if it was more reasonably priced it would have tasted even better. Coal Fire still leading for me, Grimaldi close behind. I hear Di Faro is really good too.

3_leet (not verified) says:

Take the high speed train! NY to DC.
I really wish this project had been completed. It was the first thing that came up when I searched for "high speed train"

xbeethoven (not verified) says:

3_leet is awesome. Good work at the show. That pizza looks good. Fred and Bear say hello