Pie tossin'

New York was good. Felt different than previous visits, though. I wanted to visit some other cities on the way back but didn't really find any good bus deals in time. How is there no chinatown bus between D.C. and Va Beach? So strange.

So I did try to make a pizza the other day. It actually came out decent but I definitely made some mistakes:

a) The dough should always lean towards being a bit too wet before letting it rise. It's strange when dough dries from air - just feels crusty like old playdoh and makes it hard to shape later.

b) Gotta work on pie tossing skill. Let the dough warm up a bit without touching, then start working it really fast into a natural circle without folding anything. I think I overworked one and it started to dry out.

c) Put down a LOT of flour on your working surface...basic stuff I know. Nothing creates a panic like trying to slide your pizza into the oven with the heat blaring at you and the damn pie sticking while you frantically try to pick up and re-adjust the fragile limp dough. AHHHH!

d) Need a pizza stone/ceramic thing. I thought heating up a metal pan would work, but it was hard to get the pizza onto it because it would slide around. Also the metal warps when heated. Ceramic all the way.

e) Just because you get fancy looking canned tomatoes doesn't mean they'll taste good (I'm looking at you overpriced-minimally-labeled-pseudo-authentic-san-marzano can). I think the sauce was the weakest link in the whole equation.

On the last one the dough was messed up so I thought I'd "improvise" and make a calzone. I tossed a bunch of stuff and folded it like a taco...what I ended up with was a saggy u-shaped bread thing with sauce and melted cheese inside. Probably not the right way to do it.