NIN Ghosts I-IV

Dear reader,

Please visit the NIN store and download Ghosts I-IV immediately. The music is all instrumental, abstract, thick, rich, open and uncontrolled - a contrast to previous nin releases which have felt hyper planned, tight, and almost claustrophobic.

I'm blown away by this album so far. The artwork and concept (improvisation, instrumental, session style recording) is great and unexpected. The online delivery is great, and the Creative Commons license is more proof of Trent's forward thinking.

I see this as a pretty cool direction for NIN and as I listen to it on repeat I can already tell it is growing on me. It's short and succinct, moving quickly, never dwelling on one idea too long. This kind of music is all about texture, mood, sounds, and details - and will only get better with repeat listens.

Nine Inch Nails presents Ghosts I - IV, a brand new 36 track instrumental collection available right now. Almost two hours of new music composed and recorded over an intense ten week period last fall, Ghosts I - IV sprawls Nine Inch Nails across a variety of new terrain.

Trent Reznor explains, "I've been considering and wanting to make this kind of record for years, but by its very nature it wouldn't have made sense until this point. This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective - dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams. I'm very pleased with the result and the ability to present it directly to you without interference. I hope you enjoy the first four volumes of Ghosts."

"Of course, everyone is constrained in one way or another, and you work within your constraints. It doesn't mean that suddenly the world is open, and we're going to do much better music, because we're not constrained in certain ways. We're going to do different music because we're not constrained in certain ways we operate under a different set of constraints."
- Brian Eno, Studio as a Compositional Tool, 1979

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

man oh man oh man. this is so great. listening to it all day today. there is so much variety that by the time the album is over, you've forgotten what the first song sounded like, so it's all brand new again. creative commons roxx. it's funny. now that i can share the entire album legally, it makes me want to encourage everyone to buy it. :)