April Explosion

I use google calendar for keeping track of things, and today when I opened up my email I got a million reminder emails for things coming up this weekend:

In Champaign, IL:

UC Hiphop is throwin' their annual Hip-Hop Awareness week. Friday night is the DJ night with Bozak, Spinnerty, Limbs and more! Saturday night is IL Breaks!
Check out uchiphop.com for more details. Really wish I could make it, but I got some fam coming into town this weekend. Haven't seen UCHH kids in forever...

*EDIT* I took a last minute greyhound bus and to champaign and was able to check out the DJ night!

In Charlottesville, VA:

My good friends Kaveh and Aaron (Clarence Thomas Action-Adventure Unit) are throwing a benefit show in C-ville. Originally Drew and I were supposed to go down and actually perform at this, but things didn't work out. Again, wish I could make this one! Check out audiozine.org for more details.

APRIL 05th
8 PM
@ The Bridge (209 Monticello Rd)

3 Bands + 1 DJ
Adam Smith + The Invisible Hand (Tunefulness + Zigging where others Zag = Cville-by-way-of-Philly Indie Rock Mainstay)
Clarence Thomas Action-Adventure Unit (me + Aaron playing guitar, vox, drums, megaphone, toy laser gun, iPod, sampler, handheld tape cassette recorders)
Quiet My Dear (Cville Melodic Indie Pop)
DJ Hummingbird Feeder (the mighty James Ford kicks out the interludes and the post-show jams. Dance party?!?!)"

In Chicago, IL:

Drew will be rockin' a dance set @ Mutiny on 4/5/08 (saturday)

Here's his video preview:

Orange Drink - noise preview for 4/5/08 show! from Hemlock Records on Vimeo.

In anywhere, usa:
It's also my roomate Charlie's birthday. Shoutouts. And finally I leave you with this amazing video by Brooklyn pranksters Dave Segal and Jesse Novak! Hey! Even Sashe Frere-Jones likes it...