Popperton University

I've been meaning to announce this for some time: I'm a student again! I've been taking a few classes at Popperton University since February and so far, it's pretty good. Some courses I'm taking include: Listening seminar, Music Technique, Music Composition/Deconstruction, and Farsi. It feels pretty weird to be back in school, but it has been a positive experience overall.

Here's what my acceptance letter said:

January 10, 2008

Dear Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi,

Congratulations! You have been accepted for the spring semester here at Popperton University. We are proud to welcome you to our campus and encourage you to browse through our course catalog. You’ll find that we offer almost any class you could imagine, in any field, for any subject. Because of our unconventional no-campus, non-teacher, no-grades approach, you can basically do whatever interests you in any time frame you’d like. Nobody will correct you or watch over you, or even know you are doing it. The goal is to break the boring structure of everyday life by challenging yourself and by pushing yourself to the limits (whatever limits you set upon yourself). There is no imposed structure whatsoever - you are free to make mistakes, experiment, create, succeed, or fail. Rather than saying what is right or wrong or defining levels of success through external validation, use your internal compass to guide you on the path of your own choosing.

Chancellor Popcorn Popperson, Leading autodidact

HS (not verified) says:

Wow, Popperton U sounds alot like my experience in gradschool, except that my internal compass is increasingly powered by external validation. booooo

Say, what's on the syllabus for your listening seminar?

zirafa says:

For the listening seminar I can tell you what we've covered so far:

Stephen Scott
Ornette Coleman
Eric Dolphy
King Tubby
Lee Scratch Perry
Booker T + The MGs
Brian Eno
new NIN record
Roy Smeck
Frank Zappa
Ben Allison
new Portishead
Kid Creole + the Coconuts
J Dilla MPC 3000
Dirty Projectors
The Evens, "Get Evens"
Tristain Murail
Autechre - Quaristice
Krzysztof Penderecki

Sort of just making it as I go along, so the syllabus just changes on a dime...

zirafa says:

p.s. Hannah, I think you'd like The Evens, "Get Evens". I was tipped off by my friend Dave's music blog about them.


xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

I heard all the P.U. (ha ha ha) Listening Seminar students were going to the Orange Drink show this thursday. for their "live performance" class credit.

also - Hi HS!

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

this seems to be in the same category as the fake mcfakerson university i attended back in 1993.

HS (not verified) says:

Thanks for suggestion. I like their sound, how it's kind of emphatic and messy but relaxed.

Recently saw an amazing collaboration between Brian Eno and an Italian sculptor with sounds coming out of these contraptions: http://en.arapacis.it/mostre_ed_eventi/mostre/opera_per_l_ara_pacis_mimmo_paladino_brian_eno/galleria_di_immagini/(img)/8


zirafa says:

Really? Could you send me some literature on Fake McFakerson University? I'd like to see how it compares.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

I'm by no means an expert, but from what I've heard, McFakerson is a private school, kinda like Notre Dame.

"Get Evans" sounds like a good "walking around and pondering" song