New Release! Zirafa - Hipshooter EP

I promised some big they are!

I'm happy to announce a new music project I just finished, the Hipshooter EP. Hipshooter was inspired by dancing, blips and bleeps, old cowboy movies, lasers, free jazz, forgotten technologies, and bagel sandwiches. It's a listen-from-the-hips type of record (a first for me). So if you get a chance, please visit to stream the album, download it for free, or purchase a very limited CD release.

+ Includes 320 kbps MP3 version of the album.

+ Full Color 8x11 CD-Poster with CD mount, and hand drawn CD. Very limited supply since they are made by hand. Free shipping!

Feel free to forward this to people you think might be into it! I hope to be releasing more work through in the future.

Also, if you didn't notice, I gave this site a nice makeover to match with the new

mike (not verified) says:

Thanks for the music. I am pumping it at 4 in the afternoon in CA. :)

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B (not verified) says:

"Ease up of off my foot, sucka!! whooo-eee!"

cole electric -> arrows, what!

R (not verified) says: