From the dusty old files of A. Suave and Q. Perav...

New picsound by Kaveh Ardalan! Check it out here.

Last January Kaveh sent me a picsound that had been inspired by an SF blackout about three or four years prior. I didn't want to post it until I did a little housekeeping with the rest of the picsounds (they've all been broken since last January, too). Anyway, apologies to the K.A. and to denying the world from hearing/seeing it. Wicked stuff.

You may also note that the rest of the picsounds finally work too! Some of them haven't been loading right, or don't load, etc.

Even Max's Day Off works now, which for the past 3 years has stopped playing halfway through!

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nofunsally_ (not verified) says:

It appears that the "straight up" pic sound is missing. What gives?

zirafa says:

hey! it's right here

But i'll add it to the others.

zirafa says:

Added it and the other CYOA ones to the bottom of the picsounds page.

r (not verified) says:

max's day off = sick! more collabs soon please

R (not verified) says:

ey frshd can you upload turnstyles to zirafamusic?

b (not verified) says:

'in sanfran' mad hot. modal violin pizz line dopety-dope. like some amon tobin ish