R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard...

Another jazz great has passed away. Freddie Hubbard died this past Monday of a heart attack - he was 70. He was an amazing jazz trumpet player whose reputation and playing was second to none - he played on some seriously groundbreaking records. If ya didn't know, now you know! Check him out, and I've said it before - if you have the chance to see live jazz by a living legend, do it now...

Rest in peace Freddie! Hope you are rockin' out in the after life.

doruk (not verified) says:

Gotta wonder if jazz is going the way of classical music - a niche genre where the stars play the old classics instead of composing new classics. If I'm back home, sometimes I catch the Jay Sinnett show (http://www.whro.org/home/publicradio/whrv/localprogramming/jazz/) but I get the feeling no one under the age of 50 is interested.

zirafa says:

There is a bit of tension in jazz (and probably other canon-ified music genres), with purists trying to preserve the old jazz ways, and with some musicians trying to experiment and push boundaries. One of my favorite contemporary jazz musicians who does this really well is Ben Allison. His work sounds fresh and innovative, yet clearly has lines that trace back to Mingus and other jazz greats.

Music genres are a lot like languages; ever changing, hard to define, and as soon as you pin one down a new pidgin pops up that blurs everything.

chris (not verified) says:

Freddie will indeed be missed. I found Red Clay & Straight Life in a dumpster a couple years ago and it really opened my eyes. Amazing artist...