BET After Dark

Digging through some old recordings of mine and found this. Heard this melody on BET After Dark a few years back and once again recently on I basically recorded this little loop to remember the melody although I think the rhythm of it is different on the original. If anybody knows the name of the original song contact me cause it's been driving me crazy for years.

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zirafa says:

Haha, nice comment. Dusty Sun was sort of a quick one, not sure if I could get in the mindset of the song again!

But ya never know. I'll see what I can do.

CreoleGQ (not verified) says:

"BET After Dark"

Where did you see that song on Current? If memory serves me correctly, that song was used in a car commercial as well. I can't remember if it was Lincoln or Buick but it was a commercial filmed at night and had black actors drving the car/ truck.

My email is I am new to this site and clicked on it because I have been on the hunt for this song as well. I went to BET's site and stumbled upon two people associted the show (producers maybe?):,

I emailed them and never got a response.

The BET After Dark message boards are no longer active.

If you can let me know where you found that loop on current, I will try to do some further research to find the source of that loop.

If you ever find this song, PLEASE let me know.


zirafa says:

I heard the loop on current TV and yes, it was during a commercial, I think a car commercial but I'm not sure for what brand.

I played and recorded my own version of the loop on guitar just so I'd remember it. Maybe it will help jog the memory of the BET producers if they hear something that sounds similar to the song.

If you do figure it out, let me know!

Rashawn Garcia (not verified) says:

maaaaan ive been lookin for that song for a while. will you please send me the link to where you found it please and thank u

zirafa says:

nobody seems to have found it yet. although i found this amusing:

Name the B.E.T. After Dark theme song

I think it was posted by CreoleGQ above.

S1l3nt714 (not verified) says:

i love listenin to that song its a beautiful melody ive been tring 2 search it for a while, u name it youtube, the BET site, limewire but no luck finding it n idk if that show After Dark is still playin on BET which is a shame cause it is relaxing to listen to the intro of After Dark then the music vids

please some1 send me the mp3 so i can download it

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

Thank You so much for bring your info out for everyone to see. I too have been trying to find that beautiful melody and finding your website is the closest I've been able to acquire it. If anyone ever finds the exact song, please bring it out to light so all of us can stop searching in the dark.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

I think we all agree, 90% of the fun of BET after dark was the theme song. I remember being a youngster and the theme song would come on, and then they'd segue into Al B. Sure's "Night and Day" video. MAN I LOVE THAT SONG.

But seriously, Zirafa, I just had a great idea. Here is a foolproof way to find that song and the author of it:

Put your creation on an album and sell it. As soon as you get sued *poof* there's your answer!

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

o snap, BET took down that youtube link

Farshneezy (not verified) says:
xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

I've actually prepared a short list of musical/artistic critiques of this song that I will list when Robot Killing People branches out into radio show, as well as continuations of the print zine. I love this song so much!


lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

Has no one found out this song STILL!?!? I like all of you have been trying to find out this song. It was on the commercial for million dollar listings the other day!!!

zirafa says:

It must be some song that has a really good licensing deal and a really lousy publicity deal...

trussme1994 (not verified) says:

An upcoming artist Names DARIEN produced this instrumental with Terry lewis I believed it is unavailable.

zirafa says:

Interesting. Have any links related to Darien?

Djtakeoff (not verified) says:

Plz I really need that song the theme to midnight love who is the person

Darkchocolate (not verified) says:

the song has been played twice in separate episodes on the new show Love and Hip Hop on Vh1.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:


creepy guy (not verified) says:

I have the song. but you have to call me if you want more info. I can only explain it over the phone. also: i'm creepy.

zirafa says:

HUGE NEWS everyone!

Yesterday I was driving around and heard the original song that BET After Dark sampled. It is "Mom" by Earth Wind & Fire. You can hear the original song here, and I'm sure you'll see how it is similar to my version:

Can't believe it took this long to figure that out! Now, I can't find the BET After Dark song itself (my guess maybe somebody in house sampled it but didn't get clearance or something), but a couple other artists have sampled the same song.

mystery half solved!