Kutiman funk remixes of Youtube

This is great stuff. Israeli funkmaster Kutiman takes clips of people playing instruments on youtube and assembles dub/funk/reggae/hiphop/r&b masterpieces. Amazing.


If you were waiting for the 2009 analogy to DJ Shadow's 1996 Endtroducing, this could be it. Lawrence Lessig would be proud.

hs (not verified) says:

*gulp* wow.

3_leet (not verified) says:

This is pretty cool, It never dawned on me that sampling would work with the video portion too, in that the videos are pretty smooth, and they look like they're playing together, even playing off one another.

Dave "The Wake Up King" Segal (not verified) says:

holy shitsome!!!!

mike love (not verified) says:

yes yes yes.

speaking of remixes. have you heard dj mike love's jay z / fela kuti album ?

nigerian gangster

that's right, i am a black chicago dj now.