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Seasonal Affective (free download!)
"about // Written and recorded over the course of an unusually harsh winter in New York City, Seasonal Affective reunites the musicians behind Fade to Fall, a six-track interpretation of the transition from Summer to Fall, for the second installment in a four-part series. Featuring guest appearances by composers Neil Voss and Bubblyfish, the compilation spans the full narrative of the season, taking you from the night of the first snowfall to biting winds bearing muddy sleet and ending with the first day you don't need a scarf anymore."

Fade to Fall (free download!)
Also, Fade to Fall EP now available for preorder, featuring some ultra-hot Orange Drink remixes. You can still download it for free though! Or watch the music video below.
"about // music // Written and recorded over the course of September 2008, the Fade to Fall EP offers six unique interpretations of the transition from Summer to Fall. At times both mournful and celebratory, the compilation represents the confluence of several relative newcomers to New York's vibrant and long-standing chiptune community, many of whom are officially releasing their material for the first time. The last half hour of daylight is the recommended listening time."

Fade to Fall (Audio|Visual Release) from Hemlock Records on Vimeo.

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Hey! Thanks for the Mega-Shout-Out! Hope you are enjoyin' your CD!