Grown Kids Radio, Audiozine, OD Release

The Grown Kids are a rag tag crew of DJing, producing, beat making, bike riding, youth mentoring, in the cut laying individuals that are all making things happen in the 'Sco on their own. When they combine like Voltron, it's curtains for any wanna-be's. They all put in steady work to throw events, put out records, and bring new sounds to the Bay and beyond. Each member of GKR brings years of radio experience to the table, they feel right at home behind the boards producing high quality broadcasts.

So far the GKR Podcast is blowin' me away. And not just because Spinnerty is one of the members, although I am taken back to my college days listenin to Needle Drops. And not just cause my Jazzanova remix is featured in the latest podcast & the intro music includes a beat-in-progress. :D

But anyway the show doesn't need my endorsement, just check out the latest podcast. I've attached a snippet of the show highlighting one of my favorite tracks they played (Heralds of Change - Spotted). Hotness!

As if the GKR podcast wasn't enough, Kaveh's posted up some awesome mixness up at, and Orange Drink has started the serial song release of his newest album over at Orange Drink Music.

I've been busy pickin up some part-time work and trying to launch Soapbox Music. Hope to post some Soapbox and music related news soon, stay tuned!

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3_leet (not verified) says:

Just listened to half the second smooth. Word to the wise, find a comfy seat before listening to this, cause you're gonna get sucked in for a while :-p