Works in Progress

I have a really, really, really backed up queue of songs/beats/noise I'm working on or little things I make that have no place to go. I figure every once in a while I should post some of these so that I don't forget about them and maybe, just maybe, actually finish them. Here are a few.

1 Zirafa and Rahul - Demo 2-19-08
Rahul wrote this song and played guitar and bass, I played drums and keyboard, we recorded it last year in my (short lived) rehearsal space.

2 Zirafa and Rahul - Roopy 2-29-08
I sampled Rahul playing guitar and did this weird dubby thing.

3 Zirafa - Cut Jeans Remix
A short little remix of Blue Jeans by Spinnerty/Bozak.

4 Zirafa - Chatterhead E
This is a dubsteppy/blippy B-Side from Hipshooters.

5 Zirafa - 87-3 Peru
I was workin on this beat for a remix but it wasn't working. p.s. psychedelic peruvian music is hot.

Actually just taking the time to look for some of these tracks, I discovered a bunch of pretty solid jams I want to develop more and potentially release! It's a good sign if I thought about posting something here but didn't because I don't want to reveal it yet.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

Wow. My total bad for not checking this website in over 2 weeks. I have obviously been busy, but so have you! These are all really awesome - what wasn't working about 87-3 Peru? Cut Jeans remix is really tight, and I love Chatterhead - I'd like to see some more Hipshooter remixes/b-sides. Hipshooter is awesome.

looking forward to new musical workz

-Straight Edge Beethoven
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