Kind of Bloop

Pretty cool thing here:

The 8-bit thing officially has momentum (at least in my world sphere). After seeing Blipfest 2007 I've noticed more and more links being passed my way that relate to 8-bit-ish things. It has influenced my own music. And then there is this weird merging of 8-bit blippy styles and L.A. sloppy hip hop thing happening. I would credit 2 Player Productions for the recent 8-bit pandemic :D.

But yea pretty cool project to try and interpret something as organic and straight up spacey and chill as "Kind of Blue". So far chiptunes style music has tended to be pretty upbeat and super energetic, frenetic, with little room for silence. Kind of Blue is all about subtleties, silence, and dynamics, and presents an interesting challenge for chiptune makers.

The other thing that is cool is that they've raised over $5000 for the project when the goal was $2000, and there is still several months left before the fundraising is over. It's cool to see alternative music funding schemes put into practice (after yapping about it a lot on this site) and yielding pretty awesome results. I'll have to check out more later.