New Digs (what's new?)

After bouncing around places for the past year, finally moved to a new apartment farther north in Chicago. Thai, Pakistani, Indian, and all sorts of good eats are in the area, and we live within walking distance of several cafes / train / record shops / and a movie theater. One of the things that sold me on the apartment was the farmer's market that is held every Tuesday about a block from where we live. Finally went today and for about twenty bucks I walked away with a ridiculous amount of produce, including some raspberries. I *thought* I knew what a raspberry tasted like until I tried these. There is a certain aftertaste and flavor that is straight up MISSING from store-bought raspberries. Highly recommended.

Also after about two years of riding loaner bikes, I finally bought my own. I had trouble finding a bike that fits due to my odd torso / leg ratio and because of my riding style (lazy?). I like to be able to lean back at low speeds but lean forward at higher speeds. Finally decided that a smaller frame was the way to go and then I could adjust the seat height and handlebar height - plus it would be lighter which is good for hauling up/down stairs. After searching for a while I finally found an old chro-moly Shogun 12 speed with friction shifters. I paid a reasonable price for it, but goofed by taking it to a nearby shop to swap out the drop handlebars for something more upright. I regret going there 'cause the guy really messed up. He put in a ridiculously tall handlebar stem which made the handlebars waaay too high, and he replaced the brake housing with some antiquated housing that required a bear claw grip to squeeze the lever and made an insane grinding noise. Also he put the grips on backwards...

So after some futzing I swapped out the stem, but the brakes were really messed up. I had to take it to another (better) shop to fix the previous guy's shoddy work, argh. But even with the goofup I still stayed under my budget, so it worked out. I don't mind the friction shifters for now but might swap it out for an internal hub some day.

All in all, been trying to level up my living situation. Probably wise too, with winter approaching...

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

awesome, so sounds like you are happy with your area? when is the housewarming/dance party?

has brendan converted you into the bike cult? post a picture of your bike!