The Sixty One is a new music discovery site that has an intuitive interface for browsing through artists quickly. It kind of reminds me of Pandora but a bit more open and feature rich if you want to learn more about an artist. I haven't explored how easy it is for an artist to submit their own music but this is a site definitely to keep an eye on. The site draws you in fairly quickly and the full size graphics w/ overlayed text makes it feel like an album cover of sorts.

The experience reminds me of walking up to a listening station in a local record shop, putting on headphones, and skipping around to the various selections while reading and looking at the artwork. I've found a lot of good music that way.

Rasheed Wallace (not verified) says:

Thanks for the recommendation!

without fun (not verified) says:

I'm an artist, how do I get my music to thesixtyone?

Click 'login' on the lower left hand corner, then 'or join'. Specify sign up as an 'artist'. After registering, goto the settings menu on the upper right and select 'songs'. You can now upload songs by clicking on the 'add song' button. Be sure to specify background photos for each of your songs and for your artist page as well

3_leet (not verified) says:

That site is awesome!

zirafa says:

Thanks, I did register as an artist and it was pretty straightforward. As a follow up, the navigation is sometimes awkward when you want to find a permalink to send someone or when you are adding new tracks. The old version of their site at seems a bit easier when you want to dive in and do searches, explore in more depth the rest of the site. I imagine they are going through some growing pains as several of the musicians are upset about the dramatic switch in look and feel of the site. I think though, if they can improve the current interface and make it a bit more intuitive they will come out on top.

The other thing is that some things remain unclear to me, like why songs seem to repeat more often than I expect (I actually kinda like this in moderation)

This interface is much more robust in terms of portability too. Imagine how easy it would be to load this up on your mobile phone - it's like instant internet radio. I hope they don't lose a lot of their old users because of this switch though, it's clear they at least had enough of a good thing going that they were able to attract some quality musicians and filter out a lot of the noise. Interfaces are great, but nothing without the community to back them up.

What would be HOT would be if they partnered up with bandcamp/muxtape for doing online sales and hype machine for doing charting and favoriting. Or at least shared information across these networks.