Soapbox, weird weather, blog identity

Some good news afoot with the music space Brendan and I have been working on for the past year and a half! We have found a really amazing space in Humboldt Park. In the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out evening music rehearsals. In addition we will be trying to work on some side recording projects and collaborations with musicians we know in Chicago during off hours. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Weather has been crazy. 80 degree weather in April in Chicago is a dangerous thing - it feels great but there is almost always a guarantee that cold weather will return before June. Maybe even snow? Chicago definitely tries to make the most of a good day even if it is sporadic.

This website feels like it has been around forever! I think I registered it in 2003 but it feels like I did it even before that. It's a weird type of site that harks back to the days when people didn't have Facebook or Tumblr, or even Livejournal and people put together ramshackle websites just for fuck's sake and because it was fun to see how many hits from Australia you'd get.

All logic tells me to shut this thing down. I constantly have the urge to destroy this site but by now it feels like an old friend I need to help out. I think it helps me out too, because it still feels right to post here when I need to work out ideas or think aloud. I'm not sure I could do that anywhere else.

Most importantly, I feel like I know who the audience is for this, my friends and family. I am happy and humbled to those that read any of my posts. Thanks ya'll.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

Straight-Edge Beethoven has bookmarked this site from way back and checks it on the regular.

Let this be your public sketchbook for ideas.

3_leet (not verified) says:

I have typed the URL in manually every time... ever since I started reading this page at my summer internship back in 03. Also, don't Facebook and livejournal have some rights to use the content if they feel like it? I never read the contract...

3_leet (not verified) says:

If nothing else it's good for posts like this:

Movin to Chicago!

After 5 years of living, working, and going to school in Urbana-Champaign, I'm moving. I'll be headed towards Chicago, where I'll be planning on playing LOTS of music and recording LOTS of music. I also have some new ideas about Big Soup and where to go with it. My move to Chicago also marks a move for my friend/long-time bandmate Brendan Finucane. He's headed to Japan, and aims to make millions trading stocks in ¥en and teaching Japanese kids how to play rock music on a cello.

There's been nothing but static on this site for quite some time. I aim to change that, particularly in the picsounds department. I also hope to start a newsletter, and add some much needed features of this site. My work as a webdeveloper is spent mostly trying to figure out how to minimize the headaches associated with running other people's websites. Sometimes I forget that it's actually fun to run my own, too! :)

I'll be in touch soon.
Take care,
July 27, 2006

zirafa says:

Wow, 2006. Jebus. Weird to think I was in Champaign longer than I have been in Chicago. For some reason it feels like the opposite.

Kvee (not verified) says:

midnight parking is the bestest; zirafa's the illest. i still remember when this site first started, and i was totally blown away by all the picsounds and other simple, playful, interactive content. it inspired me to work on a few picsounds, which in turn helped me get into working on smaller, shorter ideas, which in turn helped move me towards the stuff that eventually became the first edition of the audiozine. community + inspiration = early internet utopianism. good memories. thnx + <3.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

zirafa's first album made me want to make a first album

Ladders (not verified) says:

Don't shut the site down! I believe not in facebook; the perceived ease and speed of communication via fbook, twitter, et al is overwhelming in terms of volume and breeds mediocrity. As a moderate perfectionist, i feel those platforms do not allow for thoughtful discourse. i enjoy the carefully curated blog/personal website. The music player also introduced me to Blonde Redhead, for which i am forever grateful. Midnight Parking rules!

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

w00t I know the dude who made the mix CD that made Zirafa put BR on the music player SEE THIS SITE BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. I met my boyfriend on the midnight parking personal ads. I met my ex-boyfriend on the midnight parking adult ads: "midnight boinking"

HS (not verified) says:

are the picsounds coming back?

zirafa says:

I'm not totally sure. Averaging one picsound every 2 years was not a very good rate. Short videos might be a better way to go...