Dorito Nugget BITER on ebay

On December 12, 2005 I posted on this site about my friend Mike's dorito flavor nugget that he was trying to sell on ebay. That item ended with no bids.


Five years later, it appears someone on ebay is trying to sell a dorito nugget and I have to say, the wording of the post sounds alarmingly familiar.

"Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, doritos are prized all over the world for their distinct flavor. You are bidding on a pure uncut hunk of Nacho Cheese Doritos Flavoring. This somehow escaped from the Frito Lay factory and made it's way into my wife's 1oz. snack bag of Doritos. She saved it because she had no idea what it was, I've decided it's prolly more expensive then we can afford on my salary. Fine purveyors of gourmet food like Dean and DeLuca have nothing on Frito Lay. "Shave" this over any food like truffles. It is currently wrapped in a small ziploc bag waiting for you to enjoy!"

Note the use of humor and bewilderment at this "discovery". I dunno. Something doesn't seem right. His posting style is too similar to Mike's. These kind of flavor nuggets seem like a one in a million type deal.

Here's what I think happened - this guy, trying to make a quick buck, was testing out different keyword combinations in google. In trying "doritos nugget", he saw my post come up first in the google results.

"EUREKA!", he thought. "This is my ticket to fame, money, and limitless power." He then proceeded to research how to artificially pack dorito flavor powder into balls and manufactured one in a suspiciously familiar size and shape and posted it on ebay for sale. Using a combination of viral marketing and style biting, he scored the right google page rank and was able to sucker a few poor souls into bidding on it.

What do you guys think? A coincidence or conspiracy?

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

basically, allows people to get genius ideas for free. I could link to approximately 27 songs that bite a ZIRAFA STYLEE but I don't want to embarrass the offenders. I think you should make this a pay site, where you have to pay for the key words or key notes in the posts/songs.

Example: "My friend Mike posted a listing on {MIDNIGHT PARKING EXCLUSIVE} for a {MIDNIGHT PARKING EXCLUSIVE} that he found while eating a bag of chips. Crazy right? I think he could probably market that to {MIDNIGHT PARKING EXCLUSIVE} and make a {MIDNIGHT PARKING EXCLUSIVE} and sell it for a billion dollars!"