Thoughts on Daley's retirement.

"In hearing that Mayor Daley is not going to run for office again, AREA feels we have come to the end of an era. We are wondering what you - our friends, readers and allies - have to say. What did Mayor Daley represent to you and what kind of vision do you have for Chicago's future now that this break with the status quo has occurred?

Please send your thoughts in 200 words or less (though photos, video and audio would also be welcome) to as soon as you can."

To me, Mayor Daley represented complacency in Chicago. The feeling that "things are just how they are" and that we can't actually change anything because things are either too corrupt or bureaucratic. This complacency split Chicago into two halves, those that had enough power and money to go "legit" and make moves and those that had to go underground and bend the law just to follow their dreams.

Overtime various small music venues, vendors, arts organizations and businesses have closed, either because the city forced them or because they couldn't pay the increasingly costly permits and licenses. The result is a real deficit of cultural capital in Chicago, compared to other cities of a similar size.

My hope for Chicago is that it regains the spirit of a "city on the make", and actually executes on that promise and supports true independent economic, artistic, and cultural growth of the city. A place where people flock to and stay, and are proud of because they feel amazing things can happen here and their dreams can come true - not because "well, it's a very practical and affordable place to live."

drew (not verified) says:

great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts