Synth Dreams

Hey ya'll, if you haven't heard - Orange Drink and Zirafa are putting together 5 releases by the end of this year. Orange Drink has hit the ground running with the release of Minotaur. Check out OD's page for the details.

I started work on the synth I'm tryin to build. Should I take pics? I'm tempted to docu-tweet every minute but sometimes that seems obnoxious. So far, just got serial Rx for MIDI going into the Arduino. It's hooked up to my M-Audio Keystation 61es so when I press a key it lights up an led on the Arduino. Baby steps. In the process I learned that ships pretty fast, and that optocouplers seem like a really useful device.

drew (not verified) says:

Please post pictures - it'd be cool to see how a synthesizer gets built. or a ZIRAFASIZER.