On Cool Kids signing with Mountain Dew

I can't fully articulate my reaction to reading this interview a few weeks back, but a couple things stick out:

1) It's crazy they got so entangled in label difficulties putting out a *debut* album. That doesn't make any sense. They signed a bad deal with Chocolate Industries when they were already booking shows with only 2 Myspace demos. Why did they even need a record label? Why did they go this route?

2) They sound really bitter and jaded in this interview.

3) Mountain Dew, a fizzy drink company, offers musicians better contracts than a record label which is supposedly designed for that exact purpose. Huh?

4) Cool Kids are working for a mega huge company that sells a product unrelated to their work. That's kinda weird. Maybe they really love mountain dew and it is essential for making their music?

I feel like the missing element is hidden somewhere in #4. There is something insidious about marketing and advertising departments suddenly becoming the foundation for entire industries and pseudo-economies. At the end of the day Mountain Dew needs to sell soda so their interests are rooted in soda sales, not music. The idea of building strong, long lasting secondary markets around the brand of a product seems unlikely to me, although Red Bull has done this with its music academy. It just feels like there isn't much for a musician to gain from the relationship beyond free exposure by piggybacking off an immensely popular and widely recognizable product.

Maybe that is what most musicians really want?