winter in chicago is a mental game

You are probably thinking - this blog is dead. Blogs are dead. "Where's your twitter fool?" "OMG LOL TWEET DAT!" As much as I try, I can't get into a flow with the twitter/facebook thang. If anything recently I've been trying to restrain myself from posting or commenting on Facebook. Does anybody else do that? I swear I'll have a whole comment all typed out, sometimes even researched and I'll pause for a moment, then close the window. Other times I might post the comment and get all self conscious about it five seconds later and delete it. And then worry that people saw I deleted it. Gawd.

It's similar to when I first got an iPod and despite thinking how awesome it was i never fully embraced it or got into the rhythm of it. It was kinda overwhelming and I didn't like having to interface it with my computer via a dongle (dongle IS as dongle doOooees...). In the end I think I used it a total of 5 times. It's now somewhere in the bottom of a drawer in my room...say anyone want to buy a used iPod Classic Gen 5?

What was I trying to write about here? Oh yea. Winter in Chicago is a mental game. Chicago won the first few years winters when I moved here. These last couple years I developed a strategy and came back. So far this year feels like a tie...but I've got some tricks up my sleeve.

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*romantic music*

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What's a dongle?

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one trick to winning is imagining, when it's dark outside, that one is actually in a place even farther north than chicago, like manitoba. this helps one explain to oneself why it's so dark and dreary

zirafa says:

B, check out this climate map. I actually think it's kinda badass that we get a bit of arctic air now and again from up north, but it is also confounding that the center of the midwest happens to be in this little downward canadian cold air scoop, that even misses Vancouver. You could prolly drive nary (yea I said it!) 300 miles west, south, or east and enter a warmer climate zone, eh?

But I wonder - is there any connection between cold temperatures and overcast skies?

BRB need more bluelight