I launched a couple weeks ago. This past year has been an interesting journey as I started freelancing more regularly, and realized the challenges I face are very different than working a regular gig. The downside to a regular gig is feeling trapped, working on the same thing every day. This is the opposite problem when you freelance, where you have no idea what you will be working on, or if you will able to find a gig fast enough to keep things going.

Applying for jobs, gigs, and generally representing myself has been difficult when dealing with potential folks (especially over the web) because I haven't had a public portfolio site that can complement an initial conversation and a traditional resume. I also feel like I need an outlet for blogging about work things, and I've tried to write a few on this blog but it feels awkward to mix personal and work blog posts. Lastly, I would like to pursue new and more creative opportunities, not just related to web development - things like audio engineering, research, instrument building.

I realize that there is a constant anxiety with freelancing which I have to face everyday. But it is forcing me to make different decisions and be a better advocate for myself, and to accept responsibility for how things pan out, for better or for worse. I am still figuring it all out. Having an official work presence on the web will hopefully allow me to better represent myself when applying for work and land better gigs.

So now I have, and I still plan on meeting my 2 post-per-year quota here and treating it as a journal, but like I said - I'm still figuring things out. :)

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

love the new website! who made such a glorious, yet functional interface?!?!?!?! ;-)