Swimming through time

The perception of time feels elusive. It is probably the strangest part of having a consciousness. How do other animals perceive time? Do they understand the notion of past, present, future? Why do we have this ability?

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

It's interesting to note that when humans dream, we more often have no perception of time. Also interesting how time goes in one direction. [in this universe]

zirafa says:

Also interesting: perception of time and age. Do kids perceive the passage of time differently than adults? Or is it just that age lends itself to different perceptive tendencies, i.e. kids more able to be "in the moment" because they don't have much of a past yet?

Sakrecoer (not verified) says:

I experienced time was much slower as a child. Until 18 was like a rollercoster slowly climbing uphill. Once passed 20, its was full velocity downwards. I tend to believe it is because like Zirafa says, i didn't have much past: everything was new. Now that i'm grown up and past 30, time flies: It has also become alot more repetitive. Some days in this present, I could probably just put myself on autopilot and accomplish everything needed, without even paying attention to it. This evasivness that my past experiences allows me, seem to speed up time tremendously.

Something i've been playfully laying out in my mind lately, is the idea that if i look back at my last 10 years, it can be reminded in the same amount of time as 20. Perhaps when told, the stories length would vary alot, but the feeling of a souvenir covering 10 or 20 years, can be triggered in the same amount of time.

zirafa says:

Sakrecoer, I think you are right on. When I think back to being very young it always seemed like time moved in slow motion. I just found this interesting article which talks about this (and seems to confirm your experience):


Sakrecoer (not verified) says:

Thanks for the link zirafa! BTW, Ipaintmymind Episode13 just hit my hifi. Deliciously pertinent and uplifting mix for the grey and cold monday i'm living at the moment!

zirafa says:

Haha, nice. Glad you are enjoying it :)

nofunsally12345 (not verified) says:

logarithms. the distance from 1 to 2, is way bigger than 31-32. right?