New EP out! Dead Reckoning by Black Tie Elephant

Whew! Despite all the delays, finally released. Really happy with how the artwork turned out.

In ship navigation, "dead reckoning" is a method of determining your current position based only on your previous position. It is a calculation based on guesswork. How do you know which decision is the correct one? How do you know where it will lead you?

Dead Reckoning is a four part story about a man lost at sea. Battling the inner torment of feeling lost, he must let go of the idea of home being only in one direction, and instead find comfort in the everyday choices he must make. Instead of asking "Which way is the right way?" he begins to ask "Which way do I want to go today?", turning his unknown fate into possibility.

The front artwork, drawn by Emi Yokoshima, is a Japanese yojijukugo that consists of four characters meaning: "Favorable wind, full sails."

released 19 November 2013
All songs written and performed by Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi and Brendan Finucane.

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There needs to be more comments here about how great this album is.


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I'm really impressed with the amount of internet related discussion this album has generated. To my knowledge, the album has nothing to do with the internet.

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You deleted the spam and now I look like a crazy person.