crazy dream

had a crazy dream...featuring a coin operated elevator and a lunatic chef fighter...

i was in this building in chicago, some sort of hotel/hostel, i go to the top floor and exit outside and it's night time. i'm on the chicago lakefront on the far north side where the shore curves a bit so i can see the lights of the city looking south...

the lakefront somehow has these weird giant white floating cubes and a white mesh net for the public to sit and walk out over the water on. i walked out onto one of the floating cubes, and then walked a bit more out on the net. i thought it seemed kinda dangerous to put a bunch of moving floating cubes on a public beach with big gaps that people would have to jump across...

so i started walking back to shore but the water as very choppy and the undertow was pulling me back a bit, and for a sec i was scared i wouldn't make it. then i look up and i see this penthouse suite with glass windows and inside is an old man looking at me. he recognizes me and i recognize him from my youth, this was some sort of old tycoon who had screwed my family over many years ago.

he saw me and tried to come towards me, at which point i started running away from him. i went inside the building and down the hallway away from him running as fast as i could, but i had to stop at every door to hit an old timey buzzer which would open the door (sort of like on a subway train). but at the end of a hallway one of the doors entered into an elevator - but it was coin operated and asked for "1151". i only had quarters and had no idea what that meant so i decided to take the stairs.

i starting running down these stairs which were sort of like the stairs you'd find in an old bookstore, cramped and somewhat confining. i noticed the wood of the stairs were made up of multiple colors kind of like a butcher block. then the entire pattern of the building changed, as if the building was just made by stacking different houses on top of each other. i had to stop going downstairs for a minute, as the doorway was too narrow and someone was trying to come through, they were going upstairs but from a different direction.

i got out of their way but had to exit on to one of the floors for a sec. one of the women walking upstairs was talking about her stay and meanwhile these old timey boys in news hats look at me and ask "you leavin?" kind of eying my backpack suspiciously. i answer "yeah." another kid in a long sleeve shirt sweater who i recognize saddles up real close behind and is like, "where you going?" with a big grin on his face.

paranoid, i instinctively push him away with my hand and he is sort of offended "what, you think I'm gonna steal your shit" at which point i sort of put up my dukes. apparently i'm a pretty badass fighter in this dream, since we square up and i start landing a couple hard blows while a crowd forms and the lights dim. i'm getting nervous, as he is just sort of swaying back and forth and laughing, and occasionally takes a swing at me but so slowly i just duck.

it's clear that this guy is insane, and at the moment i have a flashback where this guy (not a boy anymore, apparently a man) is a chef and entering a kitchen during breakfast. someone else is cooking in the kitchen and he sort of scoffs at what they are making and says, "here is how you eat breakfast"...he takes one giant croissant and stacks a smaller croissant underneath. grabs the whole thing like a sandwich (and he had a special name for this sandwich which i forget) and takes a huge slow motion bite. the perspective of the dream at this point was a camera shot underneath him while he was eating (which made him look like a giant), and i could hear the slow motion croissant crunching and laughing as the pastry flakes were falling into the camera sort of like a scene from an action movie where the bullets are falling into the camera. flashing back to the fight, i remembered how crazy this chef fighter was.

then i woke up. i dunno who won the fight.