It's 10 minutes until the new year! I couldn't let 2015 go by without at least attempting a blog post. I'm hanging out with some friends ("Holla!!!") and I am ruminating on what to write here. A lot has been running through my head, and I actually had started many drafts over the past year - but was never really satisfied with the direction where the posts went. Maybe my self-expectation partly stifled the writing process, maybe I don't want to reveal too much, or appear to be boring - I'm not really sure.

The last few years I've found myself trying not to overthink things as a method of fighting anxiety, which has been a humbling and sometimes difficult experience. I hope to continue that learning process and even push beyond it to see if I can overcome some elements of self-consciousness without losing a sense of self. I'm excited to share some new projects (music and otherwise) in 2016 and seeing where time takes me...sure to be a wild ride, full of drifting and dead reckoning.

beethoven says:

When I first read this post, the date was 12/31/2016, which was awesome.

Great to see new posts!