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Mr. Kevin Davis has submitted a gushing review of Turnstyles. Is it bias? Yes. Will I still post it? Yes. :)

The new band I'm in, "Black Tie Elephant", is playing at the Canopy this Thursday at 10pm for the IMC radio benefit. There will be a bunch of fun acts and it should be a good time. Since making fonts bigger seem to attract more attention:

IMC Radio Benefit

Featuring Various Bands (but most importantly Black Tie Elephant)

Featuring Black Tie Elephant!

Black Ties! Elephants!

CANOPY CLUB, THURSDAY JAN 20 @ 8:30 (BTE on at 10pm)

Jazz-Punks that will probably make jazz and punk lovers angrily benevolent!

P.S. : : Black Tie Elephant WILL be performing!

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

good job on the font. 

Kaveh says:

nice, glad the Black Tie Elephant moniker is being put to good use.  I think that at Doubting Thomas shows (Charlottesville, Aaron+Kaveh madness), I may wear a black tie and an elephant's trunk as a "big ups" to the fellow jazz-punk crew up at UIUC.

Hey Aaron, is Doubting Thomas jazz-punk?  What the bleep are we?


shmalbin (not verified) says:


zirafa says:

what is this shmalbin garbage!?

gramps (not verified) says:

let's not forget who coined the term jazz-punk.


who is this kevin davis? someone you know? it's really awesome, but i thought zirafa used AUDITION?

it's coming out,
just give me some time,
i have to work a job,
and start a business,
and spend nights crying

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

you coined the term? ....MALARKY!

...ok maybe you did...