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I'll look at 'em and try and put music/picsound them. Thanks to everyone who came to the black tie elephant show!! I had a great time playing, even if it was a bit short. No doubt we will be playing again very soon. You can read more about us and listen to some songs from the show by clicking

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School has started again, 2nd to last semester. Part of me wishes this was my last semester, the other part is scared shitless to think about that.



With the best compliments of the year,pardon me,I wish to
plead with you to be my Investor/Trustee and solicit your
help in settling for business investment in your country
with good funds.Am really sorry for invading your
privacy,do bear with me as this would be beneficial to us

I am a Sierra Leonean national and the wife of late Dr.
SIMON SAMBU. Until his death, my husband was the General
Overseer of the Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation in
Kanema, Sierra Leone. I am presently at the Danani Refugee
Camp,in care of the Rock of Ages Evangelical

During the crisis, the military forces loyal to the
government of AHMED TEJJAN KABBAH invaded the Diamond and
Gold mine and assassinated my husband, mistaking him for
his brother MR.MIKE SAMBU who is deputy to the leader of
the Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F ), FODAY SANKOH.We
had to flee our family villa as we had no options because
of the tension. Among the things I collected from his safe
in our bedroom,is a file that contains details of my late
husband's deposits in a handling company as Family

He deposited eight million dollars{$8,000,000},contained
in a box in the name of our son,SILAS SAMBU.He did not
disclose the real contents of the Box to the Company. He
declared the contents as Family Valuables for safety
reasons. This are proceeds over years sales from the
family-inherited mine,as General Overseer.

We really do need you to conclude with the company.We have
it in mind to give you 10% of the total sum, and a share
for you in any investment we will embark upon with our
share of 90% if you assist us. We will also set aside 5%
of the funds for expenses,which you will make in the
course of this.Note that this transaction is risk-free,and
conditions are that my son would play a big role in the
day to day running of the investment.

May the shelter and care of God be upon you as you assist
us.Remain blessed.Please do respond through my personal

Yours Sincerely,
Dr.Mrs.Mary Sambu