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Simple Player is a free flash MP3 streaming player. It can be used as a jukebox for podcasts or audioblogs on a website, or can be simply used as a streaming jukebox player. If you improve upon this player or find it useful, please email me.

DOWNLOAD SimplePlayer 1.0


* Simple Player v1.0

* Author: Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi

* Last updated 4/25/05



Simple Player is an open source MP3 Flash Player. Feel free to modify the code, but please give the original author credit.


Unzip all files into the same folder.

Files included:

simpleplayer.fla (flash source file)

simpleplayer.swf (compiled flash file)

simpleplayer.html (example for how to embed a flash file into html)

proxy.php (contains URL of the RSS file)

To run the player, run simpleplayer.html or simpleplayer.swf from a web browser.
You'll need to be able to run the php script on your webserver for this code to work. The php file contains the URL of the RSS file loaded into the player. Alternatively, you can open up the .fla file and hardcode a .rss file into the XML component and recompile.

When the file is executed, it loads the URL of the RSS file specified in proxy.php, parses the RSS file,
and begins playing the song.


The way the RSS info is parsed into the player is as follows:

{title} info shows up under "title"

{description} shows up under "artist"

The file enclosure URL is used to stream the mp3.

The default RSS schema is RSS 2.0, podcast friendly format, but you can load in any schema you want into the XML component (make sure to reconnect bindings). You could also extract
and other data from the RSS file if you wanted, with some slight modifications to the .fla file.


You can easily add volume and pan controls, as well as a scrubber/seek to this player. Also, you can
read ID3 tags using the getID3() function in flash. I have actually already coded these in a previous version of Simple Player but they seemed to clutter up things and weren't very useful. Perhaps a forward/backward seek would be desirable though, so look for that in a future version.