Bittorrent and the Shins

So if you are still afraid of Bittorrent, now would be a good time to get your feet wet. The software has gotten easier to use, the hype about it has gone down a bit, and more importantly, there are more sources for downloading files than ever. Still don't believe me? Follow these two steps:

1) Download a Bittorrent client. I recommend uTorrent because it walks you through how to set it up. You can also download the original Bitorrent client. Another popular one is Azureus.
2) Find some files to download. Instead of downloading the file directly, you download the torrent package file which contains the file (or a bunch of files). You don't have to worry about all that though. Just download .torrent files and open them using your software from step 1, and it should take care of all that stuff.

Some popular places to get torrent files are:
Bittorrent (they try to stay legal)
The Pirate Bay (they try to stay illegal)
Oink Music Site (invite only site, but very good)

To start you off here is a link to download the new Shins music video, "Phantom Limb".

Oh and if you are wondering what makes Bittorrent so useful:
1) it keeps files organized as packages (good for albums)
2) as the popularity of a torrent goes up, the faster your download becomes. look for torrents with lots of seeders (people sharing the file).

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the good, the bad, and the queen

From my friend mike about the good the bad and the queen:

"Yeah, that guy Damon is the singer(from Blur/Gorillaz), Paul Simonon is the bass player
(from the Clash), the drummer is Tony Allen (from Africa 70/Fela Kuti)
and the guitarist is Simon Tong (played in The Verve). It's a super group."

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Bands I've been in

Here is a semi-comprehensive list of every band I've been in, even if they only existed for a day. If you think I've forgotten any let me know. I have a pretty bad memory about these sorts of things.

aaron and farsheed
automatik (w/drew)
euphio/boomi (w/kaveh)
redbus (w/ drew, kaveh, aaron)
banana jazz projects (w/ dave)
dr. bootybot (w/ dave, asif, doruk, kaveh, drew, allen, amir, aaron,
ganesh girls, and more)
mr. candycanes (w/ dave)
operation destroy urbana champaign (w/ spinnerty, brendan, justin, paxton)
stone forest ensemble (w/ jie, brendan, spinnerty)
fortnight trio ( w/ blair, popcorn popperson)
quince (w/ my sisters)
taciturns (w/ mike, onur, brendan)

Chuck Knaublauch's Inspiration (for bunting the third pitch in the
fourth inning in the 1987 World Series against the New Jersey
Rhapsodies...He was thrown out.)(zacker, dan droller, nacera)

the shenegals (w/ dave stecher, zack)
midnight drink (w/ drew)

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Happy Holidays with a Salute to the Godfather of Soul

Hey all, happy holidays! Sadly though, today James Brown has passed away today at the age of 73. I don't think I have to explain the significance of J.B....his impact and influence on pop culture and music are unparalleled. Definitely one of the most important musical figures in the 20th century. Knowing him, he is probably throwing a party up in heaven and rockin' out. Thanks James, for everything.

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Ever wonder what a glacier sounds like?

Here is a fascinating website that analyzes the sounds that a glacier makes. Some other interesting audio stuff on there too.

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An Algorithm for Music

Click that link above. I dare you. Then tell me robots aren't taking over the universe. Click it! Who needs musicians anymore? Interesting little app which makes a new song out of random elements each time you click it. I think Wolfram (of fractal fame) is looking to make some $ with ring tone downloads. Not a bad idea. Don't think I'd buy a CD of this stuff just yet. But it makes you think what else they got planned...

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Frequencies NYC

Festival happening in Brooklyn Feb 2nd - March 3rd. Experimental/noise/fringe music. Jaska's brother will be performing in it.

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Kid Beyond

Drew sent me this clip of Kid Beyond. Speaks for itself, I think... (literally)

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Post Modern Urban Bird Calls

Birds living in cities are performing a type of "avian rap" while their rural counterparts are sticking to more traditional sounds, a study shows.

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